Introducing doubleO.


  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Pre-TIPS 2nd startup support project final selection​
  • Golden Navis establishes GPT plug-in service for customized recommendations for medical tourism customers
  • Ablesoft Co., Ltd. contracts to develop fireware and HID for artificial intelligence-based camera touch sensors​
  • K-ICT WEEK IN BUSAN – Participating in IT EXPO exhibition
  • Selected as an industry-academia joint short-term technology development project at Pukyong National University
  • National IT Industry Promotion Agency, AI Voucher Busan Information Session Case Presentation
  • Acquired venture business certification from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (~2026.07.)
  • Selected as a technology transfer package support project for the Technology Trade Promotion Network​
  • Selected for local industry-academic connection brokerage promotion support project – local industry-academic cooperation corporate commercialization support​
  • Research and Development Special Zone Promotion Foundation selected as seed funding support project​
  • Korea Institute of Robotics Selected for Project to Enhance Corporate Competitiveness Using Artificial Intelligence Robot​
  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups, selected as preliminary research for industry-academic collaboration Collabo R&D project, jointly with: Pukyong National University (for data recovery of NAND flash memory) Desrambling technology development)
  • Registered as a research laboratory company by the Ministry of Science and ICT
  • National IT Industry Promotion Agency, AI Voucher Support Project selected (KMCP Co., Ltd. and ship autonomous navigation solution)​
  • Busan Metropolitan City Big Data Statistics Department Big Data Analysis Project Final Performance Report External Advisory Committee​
  • National IT Industry Promotion Agency, designated as a supplier for AI voucher support project​
  • Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency re-designated as a supplier for the 2023 data voucher support project
  • Award for contribution to data industry development (Busan Metropolitan City Mayor’s Award)​
  • Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency data technology and commercialization consulting​ (Target companies: Art Sam Art Academy, Cypher, Gloager, Tense, ISG)
  • Korea Polytechnic VII University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Regional/Industry Customized Human Resources Development Project Agreement​
  • C&US Co., Ltd. – AI-based shrimp breeding system (training data processing and model development service) contract
  • Establishment of doubleO Co., Ltd. affiliated research institute​
  • Registered as a member and director of the Busan Information Industry Association
  • Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency​ – Data Save Co., Ltd. Data Voucher Project AI Data Processing Agreement​
  • Selected as a supplier for the data voucher support project by the Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency​
  • Completion of contract for use of live fish distribution system with 13 members of Busan Metropolitan City live fish distribution association​
  • YMT Co., Ltd.​ – Team MS corporate information data crawling and processing service​
  • Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency​ – Participation of industry representatives at the 5th industry-academic association conference to seek development direction for AI industry in Busan region​
  • Esis Co., Ltd.​ – Heat Lighting Co., Ltd. inventory management data utilization development service contract and performance​
  • Collaboration with Data Save Co., Ltd. on NAND Flash Memory recovery (once a month)
  • Microsoft Partner Registration
  • Establishment of doubleO Co., Ltd.
  • ECS Data Processing Business Partnership​
  • Data processing business partnership for data recovery with Data Save Co., Ltd.​
  • Lynchpin Parts Book Drawing Management System Advisory and Joint Development Partnership​
  • Busan Metropolitan City Live Fish Wholesale Cooperative System Operation Partnership​