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AI·BD·SW consulting – Digitalization

Digital Transformation Consulting
Digital transformation consulting
Data processing service planning
  • Business analysis, model and BDM consulting
  • Repository design through requirements analysis
Data collection and cleaning/preprocessing
  • Adoption of customized data collection method
  • Data cleaning and preprocessing to achieve data quality goals
Data Processing
  • Purpose and data customized processing using linear/nonlinear modeling, time series analysis, etc.
  • Purpose and data customized analysis service
Processed data quality control
  • Quality assurance through establishment of data quality management process
  • Establishment and operation of quality assurance system
Use your data
  • Data monitoring and utilization training support
  • Provide customized reports for companies in demand
  • Application of data analysis and visualization of processing results
AI data processing
  • Building customized learning data for demand companies through data exploration
Analytic pre-processing by data characteristics (properties)
  • Automation of labeling using Auto-Labeling Tool
  • Improvement of data quality through selection and verification of candidate data for learning by data processing experts
Developed and provided in the form of AI model visualization, API, web, app, etc.